Other Services

Raglan Diesel Services

Raglan Diesel is able to more than just service Injectors, Pumps and Turbochargers. Below are just a couple of the others services we provide.

Come to You

Raglan Diesel can come to your vehicle if you are unable to bring your vehicle or parts to us. Just give us a call and we will book a time to come out to help you with your issue.

On-Vehicle Diagnosis

Raglan Diesel has a variety of diagnostic equipment ranging from Oscilloscopes to OBD scanners. Using this equipment, we can isolate your issue and tell you exactly what we need to do to fix this issue.

Genuine Parts

Parts beyond repair? Raglan Diesel has genuine fuel system parts from such brands as Bosch, Denso, Garrett, Holset and more.

DPF cleaning

Raglan Diesel has the right equipment to clean out particulate matter out of DPFs to increase its lifetime expectancy.